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The Communist Manifesto is the basis of social justice.

What is Social Justice?

Social justice is grounded in Marxism, the ideology of communism. Marxists seek to destabilize society so that they can take power. They want an unstable population so they create an educational system that keeps the population uneducated and weak. Then they create constant conflict which results in revolutions. The conflict created is over the issue of oppression.  Marxists hold that society is divided into two classes, the oppressed and the oppressors, and seek to take from the oppressors to give to the oppressed. They attempt to make the “oppressors” feel riddled with guilt so that they will cooperate more easily when discriminated against.

Social justice claims that certain groups are inherently evil.  For example, they claim that all people that are white are racist.  It places groups higher than individuals, and holds that all groups should be equal.  If there are any disparities in group outcomes, it is attributed to discrimination and group injustice rather than individual choices and actions, and therefore the more successful groups need to be punished. This results in groups constantly fighting with each other. Currently, social justice sees America as inherently racist and it therefore holds that our country must be dismantled (also known as the Great Reset).

The American ideal of individual justice is equality under the law regardless of group affiliation—such as race, sex, religion, etc.—whereas social justice seeks to reward or punish individuals based on their group affiliation. Actual justice means that every individual must be judged for who he/she is and treated accordingly. If individuals work to earn their living, they can keep the fruits of their labor.  If individuals violate the rights of others (stealing, murder, etc.), it means the violators go to jail. 

Justice applies to everyone.  Therefore, to add the concept “social” is an attempt to change the meaning of justice from equality under the law to equity, equity meaning everyone has a right to something whether or not he has earned it.  That requires the use of force to take from one person for the benefit of another. This is racist and the very antithesis of justice. The real purpose of social justice in education is to change innocent children into racists.  This will assure class (group) struggles and conflict.

Sexualizing children is one of the best ways to destabilize society. This is done with gender fluidity, sex transitioning, inappropriate exposure to and/or participation in sex such as drag queen shows, books showing sex acts such as oral sex, instruction in how to masturbate, pornography, and so on.[1]

The next step is pedophilia which was openly defended by Gayle Rubin, a neo-Marxist, in her paper “Thinking Sex”, a founding document for queer theory.[2]  Queer theory includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Queer means an identity without an essence, or to be outside the norm.

  • Queer theory opposes normality and ethics with regards to sex—everything must be opened up or it is oppression.

  • In order for the child to develop outside of reality, the adult should eliminate all boundaries.

  • Children are oppressed by adults who think that “cross generational encounters” (in other words pedophilia) are horrors.

  • Exposure to sexual acts is fine for children (anyone under the legal age of consent).

  • Children need to be seen as equal to adults. Therefore, they can consent to sex.

  • Child pornography is fine and there should be no laws restricting it.

  • It is a “considerable burden” for sadomasochists and pedophiles to maintain absolute secrecy about their real sexual identities.

  • There should be no separation between “adult” sexuality and childhood “innocence.”

  • The child should not be kept racially or sexually innocent or they are privileged.

  • Every child should be treated as if they are queer and kept queer so they are an outcast and can be utilized for revolution.


The child finds inappropriate and shocking exposure to sex confusing and frightening. The pornography is so disturbing that there are teens who give up interest in sex permanently. This degrading introduction to sex makes a child feel insecure. It is massively damaging when a child is sexually abused, and it leads to serious psychological problems. But that is exactly the goal—for the child to feel insecure. If a child is insecure, he doesn’t know who he is, and is more easily manipulated, both morally and politically. Destroying a child’s innocence is a part of the plan.

Social justice prepares children for sexualization by teaching them that certain groups are fundamentally bad. It preaches that it is awful to be white because of the “systems” whites put in place to oppress people of color, and then enjoy unearned “privilege.”  This is having devastating effects.  There are white children who are so consumed with guilt for being white, that they claim to be transgender or homosexual.  They would rather be accepted as members of a perceived oppressed group because more than anything they do not want to be thought of as vicious oppressors. Being diagnosed with a mental health problem, such as ADHD, multiple-personality disorder, depression, or anxiety, is another consequence of their undeserved oppressor status. Social justice is not only a lie, it creates psychological and emotional damage.


Transitioning to the opposite sex during childhood is messing with fire. There are unknown long term effects of puberty blockers and sex-change hormone therapy. There is evidence that transitioned children are at risk for health problems such as bone loss, diabetes, blood clots, stroke and heart disease. The impact that suppressing puberty will have on their brain development is unknown, an aspect that should be determined before treatment. The brain is crucial to human life—what if the growth of the brain is stunted? If these dangers pan out, it is undeniable that the lives of these children will have been permanently negatively impacted.

A person can’t change their sex. We are all born with male or female chromosomes that exist in every cell of our bodies, and that doesn’t change by taking hormones or by adding or subtracting body parts.  It is psychologically damaging to spit at reality by pretending to be something you are not. Transitioning one’s body is not only gruesome and horrific, it is also irreversible. It is beyond tragic that children would want to change to the opposite sex in order to escape condemnation for being white (or in order to be accepted by others, or for gender dysphoria). Anyone promoting this mutilation procedure for children should be ashamed of themselves.  A friend of mine, Linda Blood, observed:

It is WRONG and RACIST to claim that anyone is born an oppressor or a victim merely because of the color of their skin. There is no excuse for teaching such irrational rejections of reality to children when it should be obvious to anyone that this will result in unearned guilt, shame, and anxiety. The same goes for the rejection of objective reality that is the "transgender" craze. Those who continue to push these destructive ideologies bear most of the guilt for the damage they are causing and will continue to cause in the future.

Next on the chopping block is the family. Since most parents want to keep their children racially and sexually innocent, they are considered to be oppressors of children, and ultimately pose a threat to the destabilizing of society. [3]  Therefore, the family unit must be destroyed by driving a wedge between children and parents. This is already in play. Marxist schools are hiding their criminal deeds from parents such as teaching social justice, teaching gender fluidity, reading pornographic books and administering sexual transitioning medical treatment to children, and so on. This is frequently done without parental knowledge or consent, and the children are even told not to tell their parents what is going on.  When parents do find out about it and object, they are subjected to ad hominem attacks, and, in the state of California, they might get a visit from the government.

Marxist schools are also hiding the fact that they are teaching incorrect American history, changing it, or even eliminating it altogether. Many American cultural traditions such as Halloween and Christmas have been eliminated.  It is very common for other cultures to be studied, but the American child is denied knowledge about his culture. Why?  Because America, the nation founded on the principle of individual rights for everyone, is accused of being repressive.  No matter where the child turns, he is given the message that he is either oppressed or the oppressor because of his race, sex, family, culture, country, and so on.

Within the Marxist philosophy, the populace must be loyal to the state and only to the state.  Therefore, the child must be brainwashed to believe that he is determined by group status instead of his own individual thought process.  He must be separated from reality. He must be separated from his mind so that he can’t think for himself, and only repeats what the state has told him--that he needs to judge others on the basis of skin color, race, genetics, or other irrelevant factors, rather than on the basis of their actions and character. Social justice is helping the government to achieve that goal.


"The Communists’ chief purpose is to destroy every form of independence—independent work, independent action, independent property, independent thought, an independent mind, or an independent man.  Conformity, alikeness, servility, submission and obedience are necessary to establish a Communist slave-state.  (Ayn Rand)

 Social justice in Montessori is an embarrassment and a betrayal to the Montessori principles of individualism and independence. If we want to keep our children, culture and country healthy and stable, we must crush Marxism and uphold authentic Montessori education.


[1] Sex transitioning is pushed because of gender dysphoria, a psychological disorder where a person feels he or she is of the opposite sex. There is no scientific proof that this disorder has a biological source.

[2] Parker, Richard, Culture Society and Sexuality, “Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality” by Gayle Rubin, 2006, Chapter 9. 

[3] There are other reasons for the destruction of the family, but for the purpose of this discussion, it is not necessary to name them here.

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