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Montessori students writing down their comments.

Contact Montessori Organizations

Let them know that you are opposed to Montessori getting political.

AMI/USA, 1421 Prince St, Suite 350, Alexandria, VA 22314. Phone: (703) 746-9919.  


American Montessori Society (AMS) 211 E 43rd St., 7th FL #262, New York, NY 10017. Phone: (212) 358-1250 Email:

Montessori Education Center in the Rockies (MECR) 3975 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Building L, Denver, Colorado 80205. Phone: (303) 494-3002 Email:

National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector Contact them through their website.

The Montessori Foundation, Montessori Family Alliance, The International Montessori Council  Contact them through their website and Email:

The Montessori Foundation Phone: 1-800-655-5843

Montessori Educational Programs International 

PO Box 6, Smithville, IN 47458.

Phone: 812-824-6366 PO Box 6, Smithville, IN 47458 Email:

Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE)  Email: 


Montessori for Social Justice Contact through the website.

St. Catherine University,  2004 Randolph Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105.  Phone: 1-800-945-4599 or 1-651-690-6000 or 1-651-690-6933. 

Montessori Training Center Northeast,, 1265 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105. Phone: 1-(860) 232-1743. Email:


Write letters.  Here is an excellent one!

I was able to keep my children in Montessori schools for several years and was grateful for every moment. The teaching focused tightly on how children learn and on each child's response to the Montessori method. I loved that my children were taught to think for themselves through learning that taught them how to think rather than what to think.


That's why I was truly horrified to learn that Association Montessori International/USA (AMI/USA) published an article that wasn't just highly political but was also extremely uninformed. Native Americans were not plaster saints. They were human beings who engaged in both good and bad behavior. Their bad behavior was something akin to the primitiveness that Europeans were already in the process of shaking off, but that was still part of their mindset. All of them, Native Americans and Europeans alike, were brutal, violent, and wedded to torture. To pretend otherwise is ignorant and offensive to Europeans and Native Americans alike.

I expect better from Montessori, especially because Maria Montessori was so clear about keeping politics away from children. As she wrote, “Not in the service of any political or social creed should the teacher work, but in the service of the complete human being, able to exercise in freedom, a self-disciplined will and judgment, unperverted by prejudice and undistorted by fear.”


Your institution should apologize for the words it wrote and promise never to do so again. Otherwise, you've betrayed Maria Montessori and her extraordinary accomplishments at the most profound level. More importantly, by making politicized statements a part of the American Montessori ethos, you've betrayed the children.


Andrea Widburg

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