Authentic Montessori
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Montessori students learning how to read instead of being politically indoctrinated.

Contact the Media

Parents who enroll their children in Montessori deserve to know what is happening, so we need to get the word out to the public that Montessori is going woke. Send them a copy of the article in the American Thinker and suggest they cover the story. The more people that speak up, the better chance is that they might report it. Here are some suggestions of who to contact but contact anyone you can think of. (Some on this list are not news media, but they could still help get the word out.)

Christopher Rufo

Michelle Malkin

Matt Walsh

Bari Weiss

Sharyl Atkisson

Tucker Carlson

Sean Hannity

Fox News


Local News

The Blaze

Candace Owens

Bill Whittle

James Lindsay

Helen Pluckrose

Sebastian Gorka

Dinesh D'Sousa

Dick Morris

Ben Shapiro

The Federalist

Dan Bongino

Tim Pool

Joe Rogan

Glenn Beck

Daniel Greenfield

Pearson Sharp 

Laura Ingraham

Epoch Times

Stephen Green

Children's Health Defense

Child Protection Action

Hillsdale College

Peter Boghossian

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